three strategic hubs 


On the largest scale, Guangzhou plans to foster innovative industry while leveraging its competitive advantages through consolidation. It is currently channeling its efforts into the creation of three strategic hubs: the "International Aviation Hub" (to the north), "International Shipping Hub" (to the south), and "International Scientific & Technological Innovation Hub" (to the east). Circumscribing the main, central portion of the city, these hubs are designed to embody the main pillars of Guangzhou's economy, each serving as the geographic core for a key industry. 

Special economic zones & Technology Parks

On a smaller scale, Guangzhou seeks to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship through establishing a wide variety of special economic zones and technology parks, each with its own, distinct set of characteristics and incentives for its inhabitants. 

Example: Pazhou internet innovation zone - 

Pazhou Complex, home to the biannual China Import and Export Fair.

Pazhou Complex, home to the biannual China Import and Export Fair.

Often called Guangzhou's "Silicon Valley", in recent years, Pazhou has risen to become one of the most influential zones throughout both Guangzhou and China. It’s attracted over 10 different industry-leading companies, including Alibaba, Tencent, Xia Xing, GOME, VipShop, Xiaomi, and YY. Within three to five years, Pazhou is on track to reach about 3 million square meters of floor space, an operating income of over 100 billion yuan, and about 80,000 people employed within its boundaries. 

In-depth policy resources

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