incubation expansion

Guangzhou has worked to develop a strong ecosystem of science & technology business incubators over the last few years. Its services span the entire life cycle of the startup, from initial ideation through entering the market and scaling up. By the end of 2016, Guangzhou had a total of nearly 200 incubators, 120 maker-spaces, and 8.4 million square meters of incubation space allocated. Together, these resources incubated nearly 11,000 companies and employed 110,000 people, with 80% of these enterprises being privately-run.

The city has made especially strong efforts to enhance the quality of mentorship, increase cross-industry integration, and provide ample financial support, which has led to industry-leading results. As of 2016, Guangzhou boasts 18 national-level incubators, 5 of which have earned the highest "Class A" distinction by a national review of science and technology incubators across the country, a number that places Guangzhou at the forefront among cities in China.