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Guangzhou University Selected by the Municipal Government of Guangzhou to Lead Guangzhou’s Higher Education Push, Offers Attractive Career Opportunities for Young, Overseas Talent

BOSTON - A delegation from Guangzhou University hosted the “Guangzhou Science & Technology Innovation 'Thousand Talents Plan' Policy Forum” last Thursday, April 19th at the Boston Marriott Cambridge hotel in Kendall Square. Held in partnership with the Guangzhou Liaison Office in Boston, the forum brought together esteemed professors and leaders from Guangzhou University with young professionals and talent in the Greater Boston area. The event consisted of a series of remarks given by the president of Guangzhou University, outlining his vision for the university and policies for overseas talent, followed by networking and breakfast. 


Guangzhou University - A Rising Star

GZU President - Minghai Wei (魏明海)

GZU President - Minghai Wei (魏明海)

According to Guangzhou University President Minghai Wei, the publicly-funded university has seen its budget double over the past few years, with additional increases expected to come in the near future.

“Government leaders in Guangzhou recognize that an innovative and entrepreneurial city requires strong educational institutions.”, Wei stated, “As such, they have allocated significant resources to Guangzhou University, entrusting it with the task of becoming a world-class institution.”

In particular, Guangzhou University seeks to become a leader in five key areas of focus + two auxiliary fields.

5 Key Fields:

  • Intelligent Manufacturing 
  • Mobile Data Science
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Precision Gene Editing 
  • Sustainable Urban Development

2 Auxiliary Fields:

  • Modern Finance/Industrial Management 
  • Lingnan Cultural & Folk Arts

Opportunities for Overseas Talent 

Charged with achieving excellence, Guangzhou University has developed a timeline of goals for the future:

  • By 2020, rank among the top tier universities in Guangdong province and the top 100 universities in China
  • By 2025, rank among the top 50 universities in China and become an attractive destination for international students
  • By 2050, become an world-renowned university, leading the world in certain disciplines

As a result, the university has begun to expand and accelerate its talent recruitment efforts, creating a wealth of opportunities for overseas talent. Benefits being offered to overseas talent include:

  • Research Grants 
  • Research Team Recruitment
  • High Salaries
  • Housing Subsidies
  • High-Quality Education for Offspring 
  • Job Placement for Spouses

With specific amounts varying, depending on qualifications. For details, see the images below:

President Wei has expressed strong interest in the overseas talent of the Greater Boston area, and plans to strengthen and expand Guangzhou University's presence in the region.

“We view this event as only the starting point to a long and fruitful relationship between Guangzhou University and Boston.”, President Wei expressed, “We look forward to the many possibilities of working together in the future.” 

For more information on Guangzhou University and its opportunities for overseas talents, view the presentation slides used during the event.

Northeastern Spring 2018 Engineering & Technology Career Fair

BOSTON - The Guangzhou Liaison Office in Boston team attended the Engineering & Technology Career Fair in Cabot Center at Northeastern University on February 1st, 2018. The event was quite packed, with hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students in attendance. We spoke with many students, answered their questions about our organization, and handed out promotional products to promote both opportunities in Guangzhou and our office's presence.

Among these opportunities, we distributed flyers advertising Guangzhou University's professorship opportunities. The university is seeking to recruit top science and technology talent to join its academic ranks by offering some of the most competitive salaries and benefits in China. More information on this opportunity can be found here.

We thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to connect with the students of Northeastern. We were honored to have such a chance to strengthen ties between the city of Guangzhou and the city of Boston. Finally, thank you to Northeastern University and Bob Blanchette, who graciously hosted us during this event. We look forward to working together in the future.